7 Things About Me


1. I was born on 4-th of July, which is Independence Day of America. Maybe that is why I have such an independent character.

2. I can tell that my wishes always come true. But if they don’t, than it means only one thing, that something even better will come latter. That always works.

3. I believe in horoscopes, can’t do anything about it.

4. I’ve been studying in 6 different schools, in 3 different cities.

5. I always dream big. See paragraph 2.

6. I love to write letters with beautiful ink pen and seal it with old style red sealing wax.

7. I’m a real book lover, I even have my own personalized bookplate.




Having graduated from Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow, I obtained my dream job: linguist-interpreter. This profession has provided me with the foundation which has been helping me until today. Thanks to my education, I have worked in the areas of PR, fashion industry and journalism. But there is no such thing as too much knowledge. So after my graduation as a linguist-interpreter I headed over to London in pursuit of further studies at Central Saint Martins. Being hundred percents confident I was destined to become Great Designer! But when I got there and saw all those truly creative, extraordinary, and simply talented guys, maybe future big names just like Alexander McQueen or Hussein Chalayan, I realized, even though I could probably give it a try, I would be better off finding myself in something else. You see, my words to live by, is that you must be honest with yourself, and once you are life will lead your way up to success. As I studied on, I became interested in a different side of fashion: I was fascinated by those who actually dictated the fashion trends of upcoming seasons to the designers, and so I enrolled in LCF (London College of Fashion). But, given the life circumstances at that time, I had to stop studding and come back to my beloved Moscow. Only by chance I found a job at the DOMOVOY magazine as an editor’s assistant. I worked my way up to the position of the head of the Fashion department where I was given my own column. I was free to write on current social issues. It was then that I realized I’m on the right way to find my vocation. Thanks to column I recalled my childhood dream of becoming a writer. Unfortunately the magazine ceased to exist in 2012. But as we know – everything happens for a reason and when it seems, that everything is going wrong, actually in reality, life takes you to the right way. So from that right moment I find joy in writing stories. Now I feel that I’m ready to share my experience and my inner world with those likeminded. I believe that the most important thing is love. It is for the sake of love we are born, and the only thing we long for that is truly capable of making us happy. By emitting and sharing love we attract the most positive of the vibes and events that we are so keen on enjoying.

I give my first priority to my family, the most precious thing one can ever have and the greatest source of love and inspiration. I found my mission in being a mother. Once my kids came into our life I experienced a powerful reevaluation of life values. I solved a happiness riddle. The formula of happiness was found. I will share it in one of my books which I have been working on for a few years now. You might ask, why so long? And you have every right to. The answer is simple: being a full-time mom is the job number one! Having said that, every time I get a spare minute, I fully surrender myself to creativity.

I am currently working on entirely different books. As the work progresses, I will share some of the chapters here with You, dear guest. I would really love the opportunity of staying in touch with my readers, so please, feel free to write me and stay tuned.





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