Marriage of convenience

It all began with a joke. A stupid and tactless one: a very sexist joke towards women. As you may have guessed, I disliked it very much. The joke left an unpleasant residue. Imagine coming to a dinner at a favorite restaurant with the people you want to be with. You are in the mindset to socialize with them. Then, out of the blue, you ran into the last person you wanted to see. He is accompanied by a woman, who has recently become his wife. Everyone knows the marriage that has nothing to do with love, rather that marriage was entered into for convenience. The money clearly makes up for the ridiculous hairstyle and atrocious personality of his. She is no prize either: a big head that is stuck up in a sole belief she belongs to a higher class. But we aren’t about to be fooled, for we know very well what a true class is all about. It’s either there, or there’s none. You can’t pretend you’ve got one. She’s is however very skillful at getting along with her spouse, agreeing with whatever he has to say. Sadly, what he has to say, similarly, has nothing to do with a class.

Everyone is also aware of him (let’s call him N.) being very attached to her. Mind you, it is attachment we are talking about, not love. People like him know nothing about love. She’s got him totally hooked on her big breasts and some scandalous reputation. Everyone is also aware of the scheme she had plotted, of “an appropriate behavior” she’s utilizing ever so skillfully. Nothing will stop her on the way to the social “crème de la crème”. However, truth be told, she’s never been farther from that. There have always been the wealthy and the extremly wreathy who like to pretend to be someone they are not. They’re still the same people, we shall call them characters. At some point time itself begins to accelerate, and the characters on the life stage get replaced easily and fast. Yet, they are desperate to sustain their status.  So, imagine the couple joining you at the table, looking as if they did you a favor by joining you. Yet, the tension between them is unmistakably there. Turns out, it’s not easy to maintain a status, when all you can really be is pretentious.  When your good manners are the only thing that prevents you from running away from the table. Looking in the opposite directions form one another, as if they’re forced to be together, or have been together for thirty years and can no longer stand each other. He is trying to joke, but his sense of humor fails him as ever. She is looking around enviously. She is jealous of those beautiful, young, and charismatic ladies around. She longs to be one of them. She wants them to be envious of her. Yet, she perfectly realizes the of it. She will never be one of them. She really should be pitied. Not only does her husband have a horrible hairstyle, he is also greedy as Scrooge, despite being rich. He’s also got a mistress. Are you surprised she’s even aware of his inclinations towards size four breast. She had known all along. He hid nothing. A man of  honesty, he’s always been. She didn’t care at first: she just had to marry him. She was really happy it happened to be her who got married, not some other woman. She thought that having acquired the desired status, she will easily manipulate her husband. She was wrong, though. The husband proved to be tougher then she thought he was going to be. She didn’t quite crack it. She wasn’t one of those “high-born’ ladies, among whom she longed to be. Yet, she would never reach their level. She wasn’t even pretty for that matter. So, she got stuck in the middle. The saddest thing she knew that all along. Her dream came true and she married a rich, yet stingy man. Now she is his wife. The only thing is, she got even unhappier. You can see it right though.  Honestly, couples like this one make me depressed.

All I wanted was to get up and get onto the imaginary stage, at the podium, and say: “What the hell are you doing? DO you have 13 lives, like a cat? For the sake of self-love! You! Yes, the one dressed like a widow, stop looking in his mouth! Don’t you see how obvious that is. And how unpleasant it is for those around you. And you, Scrooge, change your barber already.  Take responsibility for your actions! Something has to be done with your hairstyle. “While my imaginary rant was running through my head, I was struck once again. He decided to tell a joke. It has gotten that bad, you see? He feels like he needs to warn people around that he’s about to tell a joke! No comments! Then he went on and told this old joke: “She wanted to marry for love but she couldn’t. She was more humanitarian”. Having told his joke, he himself burst into laughter. I wanted to call the doctor. My dinner was spoiled. I could no longer stand that pathetic depressing couple.  I like positive emotion. I like admiration and beauty. I love seeing beautiful couples. Those, happily in love. The couples who are able to transmit positive vibes.
Please, marry for love. We’ve got only one life. Make yourself and people around you happier! Selfishness is no longer in trend.  Remember, children have to be born into love, not money. Don’t destroy their karma.