The Right Choice

I was recently invited to an event of personal importance. Despite that, I was hesitant with my answer. I couldn’t seem to decide, whether I should go or politely decline and use another opportunity to say happy birthday – privately. To be honest, I have been avoiding public gatherings for quite some time now. There always seems to be a third wheel. Third wheels take time and energy to deal with, which I now very much lack. But when I received an official invitation to the event I was no longer hesitant. I have no regrets having agreed to attend, as I was so happy I both got to see my old friends and meet new people. I don’t mean it in a negative way but everything in that celebration could have been usual and predictable. Sophisticated public isn’t as easily impressed nowadays. Guests are no longer carefully selected – everyone’s welcome. So, among those upper-class, there blend-in some sketchy individuals. Gossipers who know everyone, yet no one. This doesn’t surprise anyone. Smarter people try to filter the events to attend. Honestly, if I could I would attend none of these. I am talking about self-sufficient people, not about those, dreaming to make their way into the world of fame. And should they succeed in achieving their goal, they won’t stop talking about it. Their social network feeds get overwhelmed. One would think there has to be limit. When there are no more bounders, it becomes absurdity. Information has to be filtered. I’ve unsubscribed from many people: both those I knew and complete strangers because I could no longer stand seeing their torrents of pathetic photos, or worse – the captions. Once I read someone boasting about washing up her own child and serving some cereal for breakfast. Really? He was right – whoever said that you can learn so much about a person by looking at who he’s subscribed to. I deleted those envious gossipers, and people who more resemble sheep.

What am I trying to say? Oh, yeah! I was almost desperate, thinking that people around get more and more stupid staring at the same thing over and over again. What is there to stare at? Some spoiled merchandise, it seems. I realize there are media folks, those who turned Instagram into money making. They sacrifice both their privacy and mental health to entertain us – their subscribers. But there are also those who have nothing to do with the media, who achieved nothing in their lives. Yet, they’re trying to make their way into popularity. Endless hashtags, locations from fashionable restaurants, holiday destinations, such as the Maldives and Emirates. They wear their Gucci t-shirts, both authentic and knock-offs  (Gucci himself wouldn’t be able to tell, if he were alive).

I was recently Having a discussion on the matter with a person who thought it was just a nowadays reality. I told him about Superhuman. Do you know what makes a Superhuman?  Nietzsche thought that Superhuman exceeded a human in terms of development just like human exceeded monkey in the course of evolution. Unfortunately, when I see the behavioural patterns of modern homo-sapiens I conclude that not only didn’t humans evolve towards Superhumans, but rather regressed. I kid you not, we still have hope for a brighter future, though. I only realized it at the very moment when I received that invitation. In the invitation I received, the Instagram icon what was crossed off. Yes, I get it! Nothing original. I understand such parties where you could see anyone, from Prince Harry to a Forbes member… those invitations come with “a condition” to ensure privacy influential persons. What was unusual in that particular party, was that this invitation came from someone who has nothing to do with the celebrities. From ordinary people, just like you and I. No showing off and unhealthy entitlement. The invitation said: “I will be happy to see you at my birthday party! The only thing you need to bring is good mood. We kindly request that you forget about your smart-phone, and most importantly – Instagram. Please, refrain from posting photos from the event or use locations. Thanks for your understanding.”

Should you think the person is scared of something or hiding from someone, you could not be more wrong. Just, that particular person is evolving towards Superhuman. Not the other way around. It felt so good to be immersed in a healthy atmosphere and be amongst living people, see no one lost in their smartphones. There were no one flaky. Only ‘carefully selected’ good humans. My friends followed their example and too, got rid of all that glam, deleted all those hypocritical individuals from her feed. When I asked her whether she had regrated it, she only said: “I regrated I hadn’t done it sooner!”

Don’t regret anything, filter your information. Don’t let garbage into your Instagram feed. Keep everything precious by your side. Believe me, if someone is interested in you, they won’t need Instagram to get to know you more.